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My name is Jane Elgård Petersen and I assist organisations to see the advantages and thereby benefit from the potential of the organisational culture.

I on-board international and moved Danish employees as well, so that they settle down faster and can be happy – also outside working hours.

International recruitment, going wrong because of failure to thrive or a missing spouse job – yes, the list can be long – is very expensive to all companies.

Therefore committed and well prepared on-boarding procedure to achieve an effective social integration of the new employee, the company is capable of retain the important employee. This value KulturDetektiven creates for your business.

I help and guide both the new employee, the colleagues and manager, as well as the spouse / family.

explore your organisational culture

Your new international employee is professional. However, the cultural diversity can cause both minor as well as bigger challenges during the workdays. Both to employees, colleagues, and the manager. I am the neutral, external HR-ressource, who can coach everyone individually and turn cultural differences into a strength for the organisation. This is done on an hourly basis and if you invest in my loyalty card with 10 clips for individual cultural coaching, clip no 11 is free.

create results with cultural mapping

The culture in your organisation is unique, as it is in all organisations. And yet, many organisations share the same type of challenges, potentials and barriers. I use my knowledge in this field to inspire companies to find out how they can identify the challenges, break down barriers and have benefit of the potentials of the organisational culture. This I do when invited to inspire and facilitate workshops in companies.

danish insight by kulturdetektiven

Is Denmark next stop in your international career?

Working in another country away from your home country can give so many advantages but also some challenges. Danish Insight by KulturDetektiven offers Sebinars (session + webinar  = online training (LMS)) – both general topics concerning “How to become a Dane” and individual courses, with focus on your specific topics, are discussed.

Is your next employee not coming from Denmark?

Are your company looking for someone, who can help you with empowering your organisational culture and show how the result of an international recruiting can be a successful experience to everybody –  your company, your employees and last but not least the international employee, then you are looking at the right place.

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