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KulturDetektiven creates engagement and ownership

When I work as a culture detective, it is always in close cooperation with the company. Together we focus on the issues, organise and implement a tailor-made course. As a facilitator it is my job to make sure that all “”bases”” are covered  – even the taboos and the sacred cows.

My primary tool is CultureActive – an analysing tool with focus on the employees’ different cultural backgrounds and the impact these might have on the daily work. The differences can be expressed in many ways, at meetings, in negotiations or related to management, team composition and having confidence in colleagues. The goal is that the employees are aware of when and where they themselves and their colleagues are different, and how you avoid, that the differences can create barriers instead of coorperation. 

Focus is elimination of cultural barriers and thereby optimize the daily coorperation across organisations. During the process we are focused on the intercultural aspects and optimization of the potential of the organisation. 

How KulturDetektiven can make a difference

I am not the first to realise that collaboration across organisations is vital for companies of today, or that disorder in the organisational culture can be a serious obstruction for development and growth.

There are a lot of good reasons to focus on the organisational culture. Below are listed some typical reasons that companies contact us:

  • when strengthening of the internal culture is needed
  • when different nationalities need to understand each other to optimize the cooperation
  • when more innovation is needed (ensuring optimum knowledge sharing)
  • when companies merge and different cultures have to co-operate prospectively
  • when solving interpersonal difficulties

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