My experiences are my most important tool


Curiosity has always been my driving force and my faithful companion. It has brought me around the world and given me a versatile career with many exciting jobs and educations. It is simply because I can’t help diving into what really interests me.

And that is the potential of the organisational culture. I have experienced how the synergy between different cultures in organisations can really transform a company and its employees. But it requires that you work consciously to exploit the cultural differences constructively and not least are willing to break down barriers and prejudices. That you use the corporate culture as a force for organisational development.

My personal profile is carried by intuition and empathy, which are also important tools in my professional work. I draw on my empathetic and intuitive competencies when I facilitate workshops, provide feedback on personal profiles and make cultural analyses of the organisation.

My curiosity has given me a good mix of theoretical and practical knowledge about cultures, organisations, management, personal profiles, competence development, and knowledge sharing. I make use of this knowledge and practice when I make individual guidance for managers, employees and future international candidates.

I have a special interest in companies hiring or considering hiring international employees.

When companies recruit internationally, it has several benefits:

  • The company is given increased access to highly qualified labour and specialized competences, which can otherwise be difficult to recruit.
  • This can give the company a competency boost, competitive advantages and special knowledge about current export markets.

Relocation and on-boarding international employees are a complex challenge: it requires a lot from the organization and its employees. And, not least, it requires a hand-held servicing of the international employee and his/her partner and family.

But when successful, the investment returns many times: Retaining a highly qualified and specialized international employee is very valuable to the company. And that value creates my services for the company.

Since I became self-employed in 2012, I have gained extensive experience in advising on the value of recruiting international candidates and providing the international employees with professional assistance.

My greatest job satisfaction and professional satisfaction is when the international candidates and their families settle down and are doing well – both job wise and socially.

My certificates

2012 + 2018 Richard Lewis Communications (CultureActive)
2010 Master, International Business Communication (SDU)
2007 Project Management (APMM / The G. Washington University)
2007 Diploma, Leadership (CVU)
2005 Internal Audit (Force Technology) (Environment and Work Environment)

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