Danish Insight by KulturDetektiven is an offer, addressing international candidates, who either consider going to Denmark or already have got the opportunity and only want to prepare themselves for their new life as an expat. The reason can also be to get information about how to adapt into a Danish context in the best possible way – no matter it is related to work or the social life.  

Danish Insight by KulturDetektiven is also an offer to companies and organisations, engaging the international candidates. This can be both in the preliminary phase, where the company is preparing to meet the candidate, and later in the procedure because it turns out that implementation demands a bit more ressources than the organisation already have.

Why online-learning?

When you want your employees get access to more knowledge in an effective and profitable way, then the only way is online-learning. Each employee can simultaneously get the needed knowledge at his own pace.

There are many more reasons, e.g.:

  • saving time – run online courses when and where most convenient to you, which means the employee does not have to leave the company = no lost working hours / no transport costs
  • getting assistance when needed = more efficiency
  • having individual courses containing exact the content matching exactly your company and your employees’ needs 
  • achieving optimum benefits because the employees can learn in their own pace = repeat sections, if wanted
  • getting access to the same online-learning platform from different units: computer, laptop, phone, tablet etc. 

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